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A guide to troubleshooting issues authenticating to databases through EZproxy/

EZproxy: General Info & Troubleshooting

General Information

  • What is EZproxy?

EZproxy helps provide users with remote access to web-based, licensed content offered by Krannert Memorial Library. It is middleware that authenticates library users against local authentication systems (e.g. LDAP) and provides remote access to licensed content based on the user’s authorization, which in this case would qualify as all active UIndy students, faculty, and staff.

  • Which username and password do I use to login to the system?

Your MyUIndy account credentials will grant you access through EZproxy.

  • Which browsers are supported?

EZProxy is browser-independent, which means that it should work with almost any browser.  Of note, some of the research database vendors that you can connect to through EZProxy are optimized for certain browsers.  As a general rule, it is recommended that you use a modern browser, such as the latest version of Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

  • When do I need to use the proxy server?

All off-campus and wireless users attempting to access library services will be routed through EZproxy prior to granting entry to library content, while on-campus, wired users will bypass the authentication process altogether, as those users fall within the network range provided to all KML vendors.

  • Do I have to use the VPN in order to connect to EZproxy?

No. EZproxy is available without requiring a connecting to the UIndy network.‚Äč


Troubleshooting Common Problems


Issue Resolution
You receive the message, "The username or password entered did not match. Please try again." Please verify that you are using your UIndy ID and not your complete email address (e.g. krannert).
I am unable to login to the service and receive the following message: “The username or password entered did not match. Please try again.”

The first step in troubleshooting a login issue is to ensure your MyUIndy account is indeed active. This can be verified by testing the login credentials on one of the many UIndy services (e.g. MyUindyZimbra).

For problems related to your MyUIndy account, please contact the UIndy Help Desk by email ( or phone (317-788-6145).

If the login issue appears to be limited to EZproxy, please contact for assistance.

I receive a blank screen following a successful login.

This issue is most likely a result of your current web browser settings. Please verify the following configuration settings for your browser of choice:

  • Disable all pop-up blockers.
  • Allow cookies.
  • Enable Javascript.
  • Remove any exisiting proxy server settings.

You can click here to quickly identify your current browser settings (courtesy of Illinois Central College).

As a way to verify whether or not the issue is browser-specific, we recommend that you access library resources through an alterntative web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome. Interrnet Explorer) to ascertain if indeed your local web browser settings are the source of the issue..

I am unable to access EZproxy from work, but I can access the service from home and other locations. Businesses, corporations and agencys often configure their browsers so that their own proxy is used.  It is possible that this could be interfering with your connection to EZProxy.  It is also possible that a corporate firewall is blocking access to EZProxy.  You will need to talk to the network administrator at your place of business or school. 
I receive a “hostname error” message.

Database vendors often change domain names, or pull content from new computer hosts without ever informing libraries. Thus, when a hostname error occurs, EZproxy's configuration must be updated to include the new host for proxying.

To expedite the correction of this error, please note the name of the resource you were trying to access as well as the computer hostname line listed on the error page. Please forward this information to in order to quickly resolve this issue.

Page not found," "Cannot find server or DNS," or remote browser waits and waits. When users receive these errors in their browsers, it normally points to a firewall or DNS issue.
I receive a "405: Gateway Timeout" message. This occurs when our local server is unable to connect to the vendor's server in a timely manner. It usually means that there is a problem at the vendor's end. Please wait a while and try again at a later time. If the proble persists, please feel free to contact the library staff at for assistance.
I receive a "this page cannot be displayed" message. This typically indicates a firewall issue on your side. If you have installed personal firewall software locally, please temporarily disable the software before attempting to access EZproxy. If disabling the local firewall resolves the issue, please add the library website to your exception list.


Still Experiencing Problems?

Contact the Krannert Memorial Library staff via email ( or phone (317-791-5605) for assistance.