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Zotero: Citation Management Software

Styles with Annotations

Zotero allows users to download extra citation styles (under Edit >> Preferences) and two come built-in annotation setups (e.g. APA with Annotations). 

  • American Psychological Association (APA), annotated bibliography
  • Chicago Manual of Style, annotated bibliography

Annotations in Zotero Records

APA and Chicago use the "Extra" field in the Zotero record in order to allow users to add annotations (see the bottom of the image below). Styles in Zotero do not use the Notes tab for annotations.

  1. Select the "Extra" field in the record's metadata (the right side section)
  2. Enter your annotation for the items. Ideal to write the annotation elsewhere and paste into the Extra field.
  3. Now open Word and test if the annotation is pulled in with the item citation when you insert the item in the Word document.