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Zotero: Citation Management Software

Group Projects

Zotero Groups feature allows you to collaborate with other Zotero users (must have account) via its site. Once a group is created and members invited, the Group folder appears in each member’s Zotero Library (software and web-based) on the left side. Each member may add content to the shared folder, then sync. Any new content appears in the group folder and all can see.

If you use groups, you have two sections in your Zotero collections pane (left side), and you may drag items back and forth between them at will.

  • My Library section
  • Group Libraries section

How to Create a Group

How to create a group...

  1. Log in at
  2. Create a new group - Two types of groups....
    • Private: create for specific individuals (ideal for small groups). If you plan to share files (e.g. article PDFs), the group MUST be private when created (not after the fact).
    • Public: Anyone may create a public group, and you may search for existing public groups (specific  interest). NOTE: Public groups ONLY allow sharing of citations, not files (e.g. PDFs).